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Posted by admin - October 12th, 2010


Corporate Wellness Programs – The services that Corporate Wellness Programs provide.
Ronald Perlman MD – Award winning surgeon.

Wellness Programs
Are you interested in offering a Wellness Program to your employees?
Visit wellnessquotes.comand quickly receive cost proposals from the nation’s leading Employee Wellness Programs. The service is free and it’s a HUGE time saver!

LifeCare “LifeCare is widely recognized for its innovative use of technology to deliver personalized services. The company’s leading-edge technology, including its web site and call center infrastructures, offers users an optimum combination of ease of use, privacy, security, and speed.”

Medifit “MediFit’s professional teams work in this country’s most progressive and successful health promotion programs. We deliver national, award-winning consulting and management services.”

Wellness Corporate Solutions Wellness Corporate Solutions is a state of the art wellness company committed to providing high-tech wellness programs with an emphasis on health education and behavior change. Guiding you every step of the way, WCS develops a program individually tailored to your specific needs.Did you know at you can get fast free wellness quotes without leaving your phone number? you are given complete control over the recipients of your quote request and you can also specify how you prefer each of those recipients to contact you?

Integrated Wellness Solutions “Integrated Wellness Solutions is a technology and health management company that builds and delivers individualized, one-to-one solutions for the pharmaceutical/medical device market, the healthcare market, and organizations focused on weight and disease management.” Click here to get free quotes from multiple wellness programs. No phone number required!

Wellness Solutions “Wellness Solutions, founded in 1997, is a health promotion company that specializes in
work-site health issues. Wellness Solutions offers its clients more than eighteen years of experience in health promotion, fitness, and ergonomics.”

EMHS “EHMS approach to health promotion produces an excellent return on dollars invested.
First, we evaluate a current program’s ability to meet corporate philosophy, while satisfying budgetary demands and employee needs. From this information,
EHMS can recommend strategies that impact employee and dependent loss exposures, contain costs and improve the recruitment and retention of employees.”
Did you know that filling out the quote request form at can save roughly three to eight hours of your time?

Ecare Solutions “eCareConnect provides an easy and effective solution to controlling and avoiding unnecessary health care
costs through the interactive and coordinated participation of employees, employers and health care providers.”

Total Corporate Wellness “At Total Corporate Wellness, we design and manage wellness programs for corporations. We’ve done this
very successfully since 1984. We make it our business to understand the corporate culture of our clients. That way, we know that our programs will complement your
resources and capabilities. You’ll find our programs:” Click here to get free quotes from multiple wellness programs. No phone number required!

HFC “HFC brings a heritage of proven science in health promotion and fitness, more than 30 years of demonstrated published client results,
and a proprietary LIVE FOR LIFE® Health Improvement Plan to ensure Better Business Results for clients.”

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